PT Fane SIgal with Bedywise PatientWe understand… No one WANTS to participate in physical therapy. We’d all love to be 100% healthy everyday of our lives. Unfortunately, mother nature, sports injuries or an accident at work often present a dose of reality when it comes to our physical condition at some point or another.

When your doctor – or your body – tells you it’s time begin physical therapy, the BodyWise approach will make all the difference.

Our boutique setting at the BodyWise Physical Therapy clinic in Osprey, Florida, allows patients to develop a comfort level with the gym facility and individual therapists.

We value your privacy and feel its important for you to fully understand your physical ailments as well as your physical therapy plan. Education is an important aspect of the comprehensive BodyWise approach. Our therapists carefully explain what’s going to happen at each stage of your treatment plan. You’ll understand that your treatment plan is progressive – a combination of manual therapy as well as exercise.

Of course, most importantly, the quality of care provided is second to none.

Through BodyWise Physical Therapy services, Dr. Sigal and his skilled team strive to help all individuals who want to move, exercise or feel better. Whether you are looking to improve your game by focusing on golf mechanics, overcome chronic pain or recover from a major surgery, the BodyWise PT team is focused on helping you reach your optimal physical wellness.

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