BodyWise PT has designed a sports-specific, athletic rehabilitation program. Professional athletes and weekend warriors alike will benefit from our comprehensive understanding of the rigorous demands of being an athlete and the world of sports medicine. BodyWise Physical Therapy is the official physical therapy partner of The Sarasota Ballet, Moving Ethos Dance and Monsters Lacrosse Academy.

In fact, as we all prepare for the official start of summer, Dr. Sigal has been busy preparing for another type of “season.” In addition to providing physical therapy consultation, Dr. Sigal becomes “Coach Fane” during the Monsters Lacrosse Academy season which is now underway for summer 2017. (If you saw Fane for an appointment this past week, you may have noticed he almost lost his voice over the first tournament of the season in early June!)

In addition to his time on the practice fields and sidelines during lacrosse games, Dr. Sigal is also helping to treat and train several team members who have been regularly frequenting the BodyWise clinic in Osprey, Florida.

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