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Just another day at BodyWise PT

Here at the office, we like to do things as a group. So here's a shot of the team enjoying what we could of the eclipse. No glasses!!! No problem!! Just a little project to make our very own pin hole boxes.

What Does “Optimal Wellness” Mean?

“Optimal Wellness:” It’s not a lofty dream for BodyWise Physical Therapy patients. Our team develops a customized treatment plan with your personal “optimal wellness” in mind from day one. Dr. Sigal believes that “optimal wellness” is being able to manage your own body to its fullest. He feels it’s important to develop an understanding your [...]

Physical Therapist Fane Sigal Featured on Suncoast View

Our own Fane Sigal, DPT, was featured today on Sarasota's ABC 7! The station's lifestyle television show, Suncoast View, welcomed Fane into the studio for an interview. He, of course, offered to help the TV hosts learn a bit more about their own physical condition through a quick vestibular test and Selective Functional Movement Assessment screening to address [...]

How to Improve Your Golf Swing: TPI Golf Analysis

Whether you’re a scratch golfer, weekend hacker or simply looking to avoid embarrassment at your annual corporate golf outing, all of us are interested in improving our golf game. In addition to the full suite of physical therapy services offered to individuals looking to recover from injuries or chronic issues, the BodyWise team also specializes [...]

BodyWise Physical Therapy Helps You LIVE BETTER

Recover Better. Feel Better. Move Better. Play Better. LIVE BETTER. At BodyWise Physical Therapy, we pride ourselves on educating patients about their own body and physical condition and potential optimal wellness we can help them achieve. Through a specialized menu of wellness services, we look forward to serving patients with a variety of physical challenges, [...]

Sports Medicine: Physical Therapist Coaches Monster Lacrosse Academy

BodyWise PT has designed a sports-specific, athletic rehabilitation program. Professional athletes and weekend warriors alike will benefit from our comprehensive understanding of the rigorous demands of being an athlete and the world of sports medicine. BodyWise Physical Therapy is the official physical therapy partner of The Sarasota Ballet, Moving Ethos Dance and Monsters Lacrosse Academy. [...]

Blog: Coming Soon!

LAUNCHING SPRING 2017 The BodyWise Physical Therapy team looks forward to sharing timely updates about physical therapy and wellness program enhancements which will help you: Recover Better. Feel Better. Move Better. Play Better. LIVE BETTER. BodyWise Physical Therapy is ready to help you reach your optimal physical wellness.